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Tradition's husband and wife team, Deborah Emmett and Riyaz Hakim divide their time between homes in Sydney, Australia and Delhi, India.

With a focus on using only quality natural fibres Deborah creates new designs each season in collaboration with artisans who specialise in a specific technique like weaving, printing or embroidery.  Australian merino wool is woven into scarves in Kashmir then brought to their Delhi studio for printing.

Although much of the inspiration for designs, colours and styles for Tradition Textiles’ range of scarves, clothing and home furnishings is derived from Deborah’s Australian background it is her and Riyaz’s love of textiles that brings them both to India. 

At Tradition Textiles' studio in Delhi their team quality checks each product to maintain the highest standard for their customers. Labels are hand stitched onto the garments and scarves while the use of reduced packing material is encouraged.

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Since 2003 Deborah and Riyaz have spent time working with traditional textile artisan communities in the Indian states of Rajasthan, Kashmir and Gujarat developing textiles designs. Each community specialises in a particular technique like woodblock printing, crewel embroidery or bandhani tie-dyeing. Often the textile techniques and skills are passed from one generation to the next.

Traditional textile communities involve a number of artisans with different skills to complete one product. Deborah and Riyaz find that by spending time within a particular textile community they gain a better understanding of the technique they want to use in a Tradition design. Likewise the artisans become included in the design process, share their insights and gain an understanding of trends and styles in other markets. 

Fair trade practice and sustainability are primary considerations. By encouraging the creation of new products using traditional techniques and quality materials like pashmina, merino wool, cotton, linen and silk they hope skills, that could soon be lost will continue to thrive for future generations. 

Each product has its own story that can be shared with customers.